Minds Behind Maps

Ep 2 - Will Cadell - Geospatial Consulting

Episode Summary

Will Cadell is the CEO of Sparkgeo, a consulting company he built that takes geospatial to many different other industries. We talk about Will's journey to creating Sparkgeo, how the geospatial field is full of so many different problems yet makes it tricky to keep focus on a specific one, Will's thoughts how this field is expanding as well as open source.

Episode Notes

Welcome to the 2nd episode in this experiment!
It was a blast to sit down with Will, I hope you enjoy this, I certainly did. As last time here are most of the things we talked about:

Will Cadell & Sparkgeo on Twitter:

Links to materials we talked about:

Seems like time-stamps were appreciated, so here they are:

00:00 : Intro

02:35 : Beginning of episode: Will presents himself and the story of creating Sparkgeo

20:30: Do you miss coding?

23:25 : Keeping up with the ever changing technical side of things

27:00 : 3 main reasons that make geospatial so popular today

32:02 : Do we have a role in educating people outside of geospatial about the field?

37:40 : OGC (Open Geospatial Consortium) & STAC (SpatioTemporal Assets Catalog)

40:30 : Our responsibility to explain what we are doing with geospatial data

46:25 : The "geospatial product trap"

55:10 : How is Sparkgeo not falling for this trap?

1:06:00 : Choosing the projects Sparkgeo works on

1:09:50 : GDAL (Geospatial Data Abstraction Layer) & open source

1:18:50 : Cloud infrastructure in geospatial

1:27:55 : Google Earth Engine

1:31:22 : Will's Book recommendations


Feel free to drop me a line, I'd love to know what you think of this!

Thanks for listening!