Minds Behind Maps

Ep 6 - Nadine Alameh - Standards, Dance & Geo Data Accessibility

Episode Summary

Dr Nadine Alameh is the current CEO of the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC), which is probably best known for the work they provide around standards within the geospatial industry. In this episode we talk about Nadine's path from Lebanon to MIT, her experience working in aviation and finally we go over her current role as the CEO of the OGC. We also talk about dance, life decisions and Nadine shares some points about working with industries outside of pure geospatial that are leveraging geo data more & more.

Episode Notes

Welcome to another episode of Minds behind Maps!

In this episode I sit down with Dr Nadine Alameh, current CEO of the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC). We talk about geospatial, standards, but also Nadine's earlier days in wartime Lebanon, dance, making life changing decisions, and just many different topics that I hope portray how people are complex, in many different ways. 


About Nadine:


Time stamps:

- 04:00 : Episode starts, Nadine presents herself

- 9:30 : Nadine’s childhood days in wartime in Lebanon and how it shaped her decision making

- 15:00 : Nadine talks about sharing her journey with her children

- 19:05 : Nadine’s journey at and after MIT

- 24:30 : Dance & activities outside of ones career

- 28:40 : How owning a dance franchise helps push the OGC forward

- 33:30 : Nadine’s previous startup experiences & why Consulting doesn’t scale

- 40:00 : Geospatial is mainstream but it’s not done

- 42:00 : The role of the Open Geospatial Consortium

- 48:15 : Prioritization of different issues that need solving

- 51:45 : Adoption of standards & working with a community

- 54:00 : The OGC as an organization

- 1:04:30 : Working with companies outside of the “normal” geospatial: Epic Games

- 1:12:00 : Lessons from the aviation industry

- 1:23:05 : Trust issues with satellite derived information

- 1:28:45 : Accessing data is still complex

- 1:30:20 : Speaking & learning multiple languages

- 1:40:10 : Book recommendations!


Show notes:


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